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Message Subject Washington State says bride” and “groom” – along with “husband” and “wife” are about to become archaic language
Poster Handle *Evan*
Post Content
ok guys, I am a christian from the south, and I don't see a problem with gay marriage. Most of them don't want a christian ceremony, just a "civil union". The bible says that it is wrong, but it also says to let God take care of the sinners. Why can't people just let them do what they want, and answer to god when the time comes?

Of course my opinion is open to change, but i just don't understand why so many people use this hate/discrimination of others in the name of god.
 Quoting: secretninja

I hear ya. I have pretty much the same view..

But the danger is, once you start pandering, and making changes like this, it can change the whole culture...

Now it just depends on whether or not you believe the cultural changes that stem from this will be good or bad?
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