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Message Subject Washington State says bride” and “groom” – along with “husband” and “wife” are about to become archaic language
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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ok guys, I am a christian from the south, and I don't see a problem with gay marriage. Most of them don't want a christian ceremony, just a "civil union". The bible says that it is wrong, but it also says to let God take care of the sinners. Why can't people just let them do what they want, and answer to god when the time comes?

Of course my opinion is open to change, but i just don't understand why so many people use this hate/discrimination of others in the name of god.
 Quoting: secretninja

Can I ask if you understand the word reprobation? A reprobate mind is one that is given up to its lusts and passions, by Our Father in Heaven, to do every wicked thing that that mind is set upon. Homosexuality, amongst others, is indication of reprobation. Reprobate minds will become so one-tracked that it only approves of those who accept and participate in the lust and passion. By extension, this reprobate mind will condemn those who refuse to do so. The progression of 'gay marriage rights', outcropping from reprobation, will not end in civil unions. Reprobation is not satisfied with anything less than full church marriage. The gay rights groups are already calling for gay weddings to be made mandatory in all churches, not just our apostate gay led ones. It means nothing that they reject the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the Son of God, No amount of argument will stop it. This is the result of reprobation - nothing less than full marriage in all Christian churches is good enough. Many Christians are directly in their firing line. Pastors will be tested like never before. Congregations too.

It's why homosexuality, lesbianism and sodomy is being forced into sex ed. nothing short of full acceptance and willingness to participate in the sexual practice is good enough to a reprobate mind. It will condemn all who don't submit. It will seek to outlaw and/or change the Bible which contains admonishments against it (as we are seeing in the newer versions). They already deem it full of hate, and under hate speech laws, they will be successful. This is why it should concern you. Reprobation is the wrath of Our God upon individuals who have rejected what is evident - the Creator - and instead chose to worship created things.
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