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Message Subject Washington State says bride” and “groom” – along with “husband” and “wife” are about to become archaic language
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
you aren't really supposed to say "husband" or "wife" here

the term is "partner"

partner if you are married
partner if you are in a civil union
partner if you just live together

partner for gay
partner for straight

sorry, but a "partner" is someone I work with in a class on a project, or someone I am in business with

the guy I am married to is my husband---he is my only husband

it is a unique relationship and deserves it's own word
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 664728

Your a Man married to another MAN? and what makes you think that other man is your husband??? Do you even know what the term husband means, and how it evolved? What makes you think it applies to your homosexual relationship??????

 Quoting: christian

wow you are one really whacked out person with some sort of agenda that seems to consistently cloud your common sense --in the few posts I have read of yours

wtf where did you get the idea that I am a man? iamwith
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