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Message Subject Washington State says bride” and “groom” – along with “husband” and “wife” are about to become archaic language
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A life-long Washingtonian explained to me that the state isn't progressive by any means (legalizing weed, gay unions, etc etc)... it's just that no one really cares what happens here and the state is so poor, they're trying to increase revenue any way they can.

Personally, if I had the gas money, I'd be back in Virginia by next week.
 Quoting: Washington transplant 1610510

I wish i had some gas money to give you so you could go back to Virginia. I`m a life long resident of both Oregon and Washington and i assure you gay marriage and weed have`nt been legalized for revenue.That`s the dumbest thing I ever heard.Washington is a lot better off than many states are including probably Virginia.This is the real reason this stuff was voted in.Seattle metro.(Tacoma,Bellevue,etc)is a progressive liberal area.This area accounts for 5% of the land area of Washington and over 50% of the population.The same with Oregon, the Portland metro area is very liberal and is just 2-3% of the land area of Oregon but accounts for 60% of the pop.Rural Washington and Oregon is a lot like Idaho,very conservative. So basically most statewide elections are won by liberals usually by less than 2% of the vote.Both states have democratic governors who won by less than 2000 votes out of hundreds of thousands votes cast.It`s sort of a weird dynamic when you see such liberal cities like Portland and Seattle completely surrounded by conservative leaning states.But the big cities have the votes and we live in a democracy so....
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