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Message Subject My first time in Atlanta..
Poster Handle Hellena Handbasket
Post Content
My first time in Atlanta...
I was squished in the backseat with a carload of family members. Grandpa, looking for the freeway entrance to get to Decatur after visiting the CocaCola factory. It was like a twilight zone of insanity. I'd never seen that many homeless & raggedy people. I entered into zen type flashback of losing time and space.
Plus, I hadda go potty really, really bad.
Grandpa had lost his directional bearings but insisted he KNEW where he was goin.

Running low on gas we asked for directions and I kid you not, one guy said, "if you give me $10 I will ride wityou and git you there."
I voted to pay him but the other 6 fambly members said no.
We ended up on PEACHTREE!
What a scene. I will never forget it.

At the gas station we had at least 3-4 people asking us for money or if they could wash our windshield and there was NO BATHROOM.

There's more but I just wanted to say that you had a mild experience, in comparison.
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