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Message Subject BRKG: NASA: Up to 1 trillion tons of ice found on Mercury (live press conference now)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The discovery of water-ice on Mercury is very significant. Water has been linked to life of all kinds, and given the discovery of unusual life forms located in diverse places deep in the ocean, or bacteria that like extremely hot environments like thermophiles, or ones that can live without oxygen (anaerobic) bacteria, or ones that can live in normally toxic salty water (halophiles), or methanogens that live in methane, some live in hot springs, etc. "Some microbes, fungi, and live in very harsh environoments are these are called archaea".
[link to www.agu.org]
[link to staff.fcps.net]

Now which viruses are not life forms, they're more like nanorobots in truth that insert their genetic code into higher life forms to replicate. They've been found in the frozen seas and in incredibly diverse ways.

The discovery means that life could potentially exist on other planets. It's a monumental discovery, and one that should make people hopeful.
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