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Message Subject A Question For Homosexual Men.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Not a homosexual (bi afro), but I think I can speak for the gay crowd.

For one it's attraction - gay men have the same attraction to the male form and all it's features that women do. Why else do you think women put up with us? They are attracted to us just as much as we are to them.

Gays simply share the female's feelings of attraction.

"If you like the look of masculinity then find a girl with masculine features. "

But merely having masculine features isn't enough - gays want the whole package (pun intended tounge).

And it's not just mere physical attraction for most...homosexuals fall in love with other men. I for one have desired and loved both men and women - both are wonderful and lovely in their own ways, and yet the love and desire I have for each sex is equal.

It's an individual thing - just like different people enjoy different foods, music, hobbies, etc, not everyone enjoys being straight. There's nothing wrong with either way, though, so if it's not for you that's cool. hf
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28713890

You have changed my mind about fags bro, thank you! What you said actually makes alot of sense and i truly thank you for your honest response!

Much love my 50% fruity friend haha no judgements here bro, we are all one, i was simply curious so once again, thank you!
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