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Message Subject A Question For Homosexual Men.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The very FACT that you have to douche your ass before you fuck is proof ENOUGH that it is in fact a PERVERSION of nature.

If nature had intended gays to be the NORM..one..she would have invented guys with NATURALLY CLEAN ASSHOLES..and TWO..she WOULD..after all these billions of years..have FOUND a way for sperm to fertilize SHIT!@
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17674615

sigh -_-

Do you put on deodorant or shave? Do you brush your teeth? Scrub your hair? Hygiene itself isn't natural when you look at nature (save for going swimming or giving tongue baths), but people do it to keep their everyday life as pleasant as possible. It's not necessary, it just makes it a lot better.

PS - Girls douche their vaginas as well before sex (well, the ones interested in not smelling like a tuna can, at least tounge) so I guess that makes vaginal sex a perversion as well. ohyeah
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28713890

Yeah some women wash...cause they need to and its usually a case of bad personal hygene habits.

But washed or not..the sperm injected into a vagina..clean or not..does NOT have to scratch its little head trying to figure out HOW to fertiize a solid lump of bacteria.

It sees a little egg..and rushes madly towards it as it is MEANT to.

When a sperm sees a gigantic grogan...I imagine it goes into fits before dying horribly, as every program in it to produce life short circuits and sends the little guy to its certain DOOM.

Imagine this scene..

Billions of sperm..all lined up and ready to race..the big moment comes and off they go...only to run into a TURD...

They would be dead within minutes..proving once and for all that GAY SEX IS A PERVERSION OF WHAT NATURE INTENDED...as NO LIFE is produced..ONLY DEATH..and a short circuit of every LIFE program inside every sperm..that just raced off to their DOOM.

This continues on and on..and soon the HOST of the sperm begins to DIE..from aids..or other diseases..as nature has a way of WEEDING OUT the CORRUPTED...survivla of the fittest..

What is UNNATURAL..ALWAYS DIES...it CANNOT produce LIFE..only DEATH..and DEATH of the host is ALWAYS THE RESULT.
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