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Message Subject Just got fired! Ask me a question.
Poster Handle nwo_watcher_911
Post Content
Its a good time to reflect on your life.

Make a new start. Go in a new direction.

My question is, can you make this situation into a GOOD thing?
 Quoting: Hellena Handbasket

This job was my new direction. I had a lawn care business for 19 years and it went belly up during the summer. So I struck out and back into the 40 hour thing fixing small engines. 3 months later it has come to this. When I had my company I paid my help or they did not work. When I got their money I put it into an envelope and did not touch it until pay day. I expect the same from any place I work.

But I am applying and looking. I will take what ever I can get and I have enough skills that I can do a large variety of jobs with precision. The only skills I lack are people skills. I just do not relate well to people. Plain do not like them. Never once felt like I belonged anywhere. I loved the solitude of lawn care. I could go for days without ever speaking to another human being. Working in a shop and dealing with the public was hell for me. People freak me out and put me on edge.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21000351

I recommend a paperback called 'the art of mingling' which was written by some ny socialite lady, who spent her whole life socializing and mingling.

The book gives you several tools which are very easy to execute in practice. For example, lets say you're in a group and you would feel uneasy to leave. Suddenly, one person gets the balls and is time for them to go. Well now you have a very easy excuse to be like "oh I have to go now too" so you see? Now you are not stuck, just one little simple trick.

Social situations are tricky because every person is different. But as a Pimp luring girls for over 15yrs, and being socially awkward myself, I can recommend this book, as it has saved me and also helped me greatly. It will not show you how to make girls fall for you, but it will show you how to be a good mingler.
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