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Message Subject Just got fired! Ask me a question.
Poster Handle DblTapViper
Post Content
Its a good time to reflect on your life.

Make a new start. Go in a new direction.

My question is, can you make this situation into a GOOD thing?
 Quoting: Hellena Handbasket

This job was my new direction. I had a lawn care business for 19 years and it went belly up during the summer. So I struck out and back into the 40 hour thing fixing small engines. 3 months later it has come to this. When I had my company I paid my help or they did not work. When I got their money I put it into an envelope and did not touch it until pay day. I expect the same from any place I work.

But I am applying and looking. I will take what ever I can get and I have enough skills that I can do a large variety of jobs with precision. The only skills I lack are people skills. I just do not relate well to people. Plain do not like them. Never once felt like I belonged anywhere. I loved the solitude of lawn care. I could go for days without ever speaking to another human being. Working in a shop and dealing with the public was hell for me. People freak me out and put me on edge.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21000351

Okay Op, this is your lucky day. I'm going to save you. Open up a office cleaning services. The turnover is huge. Most of the "workers" don't speak english. So, this gives you a massive advantage. You work at night, no one bugs you and you're free. Just tell them the new customer to "try you out free after you give them a quote".

good luck
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