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Subject The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania Is Officially Now The CommieWealth
Poster Handle Phennommennonn
Post Content
just got a memorandum from my agency re foster-care - thats being disseminated from the state.

this isnt limited just to the presence of children directly

its a complete prohibition from use

we're not allowed to say in OUR HOME at any time

damn it
god damn it
piss - yep cant say the dog took a piss on the rug
ass - not even in the mule sense (believe that? - yeah i argued)
bitch (not even in the dog sense)
the list is huge but you get the gist

no gestures such as sticking tongue out
no hand gestures - middle finger, italian oo gatz sign etc
*my argument ---> hearing impaired.....DENIED

etc etc

now... these kids, who are placed in your home, especially with behavioral issues - you get called every rotten name in the book. these kids can speak as such in front of their case workers, - agency/state, even school & they get a pass.

they listen to the hard rap...and can sing-a-long w/o any consequences. heres the best...im not allowed to sing along.

wow. great job pennsylvania.

congradulations you just crossed over into completely communist.
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