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Subject BREAKING## New rules for gun shows in NYS
Poster Handle Iamtheone
Post Content
Hey all. A couple of hours ago I heard a news report here in Buffalo, NY which blew my mind. The state attorney general has announced new rules regarding the sale of all guns purchased at gun shows.

Some of the rules:

Whomever puts on the show must alert local law enforcement.
All weapons will be tagged upon entering and leaving.
All purchasers will be required to pass a background check.
All sellers at shows must alert police should anyone try to purchase a weapon whom doesn't pass the background check.

Im a gun owner, and I was at first on the fence when it came to gun shows. It is easy for a felon or whatnot to buy a rifle or shotgun and that worried me a bit.

However, I think this opens the door wide open for closing person to person sales, and that seems a bit much. I don't know any felons but I doubt they goto gun show for guns when one can be purchased on the street for far less.

The state attorneys reasoning for this? He says,"Gun violence is an epidemic in this country and its time we did something."

For the record Mr. Attorney, gun violence kills less people than car accidents, cancer, falls off ladders, biking accidents, MS, brain tumors, and a bajillion other things. Tired of this kinda crap. Guess its time to stock up on another 2k rounds of .223 before they regulate that.

Make no mistake...if it starts in NY or CA, it's on its way to a state near you.

Im on a phone and can't embedd the link but full story can be seen at wivb.com/news.
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