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Message Subject BREAKING## New rules for gun shows in NYS
Poster Handle Iamtheone
Post Content
Theres little info out there about this whole thing as it just broke, but I have a bit more info on "tagging" the weapons which enter a show.

Apparently, tagging involves taking down serial numbers of weapons, assumingly by LEO's, to make sure background checks are performed at the shows.

I can't really see how that would work to gaurantee a check is performed. If John Doe brings his rifle to a gun show to perhaps trade or sell it, the serial number seems like a moot point unless the dealer that purchases said weapon is to perform a background check on themselves.

Moreover, how is the LEO who tagged the weapon initially going to know whether that weapon was sold or not? I guess theyd have to check everyone who comes in with a weapon twice...once upon entering, then again when leaving.

Having researched this a bit, it seems like a bit of overreach by law enforcement. If I own a weapon, why should I let some jack boot take down the serial number? Who gets this info? How long is the info kept?

Furthermore...it seems like if they are gonna take down serial numbers, they'll be asking for your ID as well because if they are looking for prosecutions...which they are....they'll need a name to blame.

Anyone know of how this works? Perhaps this has been in use in other states and I'd love to know what to expect.

On a side note...the government is awfully stupid. In case they haven't been payin attention, us "old white guys" have been buying guns in record numbers for the last 5 years. Kinda late for this dontcha think?

All thats left is to sit back and wait....
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