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Message Subject BREAKING## New rules for gun shows in NYS
Poster Handle Iamtheone
Post Content
Looks like this is my last thread here at GLP. This is like the fifth thread of important breaking news that has zero replies. Yet, fucking imbiciles who post absolute bullshit threads have pages of replies.

Pfft, most of you muhfuckas ARE the exact sheep you whine about on a daily basis. Fuck, you even have the owner of the site posting nonsense about how his "source" said this conflict in the ME was "it". That was two weeks ago Trinity....ya fuckin worthless pile, and all i see is a cease fire. I know...just wait, its comin huh?

Thank God theres ligitimate alternative news sites that don't blur the lines between fantasy and news like this craphole of a site. Can't quite imagine why anyone would donate to a site thats obviously on a downward spiral into losing what little credibility it once had.

I know...none of you give a crap lol, but I assure you, I give a crap less as wasting my time competing with "I am Jesus" threads has lost its lustre.

Now Im off to get some real alternative news from the two sites that actually get links in the mainstream media. Won't ever see a link to this pathetic site anywhere that ever matters. Unless its to further tptb agenda by pointing out just how stupid some people actually are.

Its at the point where this forum has become detrimental to the overall causes you seemingly deem important. If I knew nothing about say 9\11 and got a link to a thread from Google to GLP, I would take nothing anyone says here seriously because that thread would be sammiched between "I am Elvis, ask me a question" and "Obama is a Reptilian".

Its not like theres not weird fucks that'll post that nonsense anywhere, its the fact the users themselves promote such stupid shit by replying to these threads hundreds of times.

How could you possibly think anybody could take anything here seriously just solidifies that its past the point of no return.

Matter of fact, and I wont post exact numbers, but the traffic to this site has slowed every single month to a fraction of what it once was...before Trinity got ahold of GLP and flushed it down the crapper.

End rant/
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