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Message Subject Bought some natural soap, skin feels really tight after use
Poster Handle nwo_watcher_911
Post Content
For the record, I ordered a sample pack from the 5 star Cal Ben soap company. We all heard of them before - but I ordered because it was supposed to be pure, and I just had a bad experience recently...

I had the Dove mens bodywash with moisturizers. Shit is supposed to be like the best stuff there is. Next thing I know, my weiner looks like it was fried on a sauce pan, and someone forgot to flip it over!!

Straight out chemical burns and hives, which went away after 2 or 3 days.

Now on to the cal ben 5 star soap. The bars of soap look like nothing special, like wino soap. It has a slight smell, but I think it is natural as there is no fragrances. It only has 2 ingredients in it. It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, and it does not leave chemical burns. A little lather goes a long way.

They also included laundry powder detergent in the sample pack. This stuff works better then oxyclean. My karate uniform came out white like I bleached it. Generally we use oxyclean or Gain.

The sample pack also came with dish soap, but we haven't tried it yet.

Sample pack was only $20 so good deal to check it out. I will say that we will be reordering the soaps from them as soon as our samples run out, as a sample is about a month or 2 worth as it is. (for 2 people that is)
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