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Message Subject Is Majic real?
Poster Handle Jack the White Wizard
Post Content
The real hidden magic that was practiced by the wizards of old such as King Solomon of Israel and Tehuti of Egypt is just applied science. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately depending on how you look at it, the rituals that you see in Wicca (I've read the Witches bible, I'm not impressed) and other religions centered on witchcraft are just watered down remnants and fragments of earlier societies that had the real thing. Wicca has only the rituals to go off of, they have no understanding of the science behind it, therefore they have no real knowledge to work off of.

Real magic is applied science, you must know the structure of other dimensions in this planet and where the angels are located at in order to commune with them. Many try drawing a circle, a pentagram, light some candle and think they can call Michael or Gabriel and they're just going to appear out of nowhere. In order to call angels to do your bidding you need to recognize 8 other dimensions besides the one we live on, which is the 9th. Each angel has their own office, or their own function (see Keys of Solomon). Which means each angel has their own specialities or tasks which they are knowledgeable in and can perform. You don't ask a carpenter which stocks to buy in the stock market and you don't ask an electrician to install your air conditioning. Each angel has their own function and you need to know which angel does what in order to request their assistance. Their location is important as well. This dimension we live on is spherical in nature, we dwell somewhere on the sphere, but there are other dimensions that are constructed from different polyhedrons such as the icosahedron and dodecahedron (refer to Platonic and Archimedean solids). They rotate at different speeds than we do and so you have to know exactly when they will be in your 'circle' in order to commune with them.

I've never met a real magician or wizard beside myself and one of my friends. I have not even got to the point where I conduct ceremonies. I'm still studying the science behind it all. At best people are demon possessed and may come up with simple spells to affect others but nothing I would be concerned about myself.

If you want to know magic, study science. Get familiar with sacred geometry, Johannes Kepler, Isaac Newton, Emerald Tablets, Keys of Solomon but do nothing with the knowledge until you understand the science.
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