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Poster Handle Esoteric Morgan
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My son came home from school, leaving his metal lunch box on the deck table.

Some time later, hearing a noise, I look out a window...a raccoon is opening the latch on his lunchbox with his little fingers, as if he's done this all his life.

Stunned, I continue to watch. He takes out the remainder of a peanut butter sandwich, tastes it, puts it aside, and removes a partially eaten apple, which he starts eating.

As cute as this is, I'm certain I don't want these critters making this a habit...so I chase him. This went on for some time, as they had discovered the trash bins, which we had to finally put into the garage. I thought they had moved on.

Little did I know a family of them started living in the eaves.

Before the winter was over, we had to hire someone to smoke them out and repair the damage they had done.

How did we find them? After an ice storm, I was driving my car out of the garage when I noticed that the bottom corner of the eave was pulled down. As I was looking at it through the windshield, I saw a few 'lights' shininhg from the darkness of the damage...which turned out to be the EYES of a number of raccoons.

They are perhaps the cutest, most intriguing pests one can have around...which are poised to cause any homeowner a nightmare, if around.

BEWARE of such pretty poison.

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