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Does Russell Scott acknowledge the existence of aliens? Or something like that?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21973618

I don't believe in "aliens". I think life exists everywhere in the universe. When people think of aliens they either picture a humanoid-like creature or an xenomorph and usually in a spacecraft of some sort.

To me these are still very human concepts and quite within the realm of human imagination.

But humans adapted to Earth. The gravity, the Moon, the atmosphere, the rotation, the minerals, the distance of the Earth to the Sun, the size of the Sun, the orbit, etc.

Change any of these variables and the result will be a life form that isn't human. Change several of these variables and you have something we cannot imagine or understand. I find it doubtful that aliens would appear humanoid in any way.

So I acknowledge life throughout the cosmos, but not the existence of greys, dracos, etc.

That's just my opinion.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence ~ Carl Sagan
 Quoting: Person445

But considering that the laws of physics are the same everywhere in the Universe, couldn't one make a case for humanoid-like E.T.'s? I mean, do you think that physics allows THAT much diversity among living beings that humans can see with the human eye? With the amount of elements in the universe, there are only several states of matter that these elements fit under that we have discovered so far in our solar system.

So not including the ideas such as physical to non-physical transformations and such in regards with E.T., the only evidence we have are flying saucers and little grey people. And because we are probably of lower cognitive activity then most space-faring lifeforms, they exist in "our universe" we don't exist in theirs.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21973618

The combinations are endless though. Yes the physics are the same throughout the universe, but these are simply the rules of the game. Look at life in the ocean, some of things they find down there are completely unbelievable and it's because their environment is very different.

A good book on the subject is Rare Earth.

How many planets are EXACTLY like Earth in the universe? With the VERY SAME solar system? With a Moon as large as ours? Not many. So perhaps humanoids exist outside of Earth, but if it's on the other end of the universe.. who cares?

I'm not sure it's all that important anyway. Seems more like a cure for loneliness, perchance to dream of beings far away.

Yes, I'm Russell, that's no secret and no big deal, lol.
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