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"The combinations are endless though. Yes the physics are the same throughout the universe, but these are simply the rules of the game. Look at life in the ocean, some of things they find down there are completely unbelievable and it's because their environment is very different." Person445

Bu how many combinations are suitable for intelligent life? If you follow the path of evolution from micro-organisms to more complex lifeforms - you can look at the thousands of different species on Earth - at a certain point, the most "intelligent" organisms have almost come to this singularity of development. i.e., humans. We are the most generic physical bodies on earth, so simple, so fit for intelligence. No needless appendages, etc. Unlike the lamp-fish at the bottom of the ocean who still doesn't cook it's food.

So if the Universe is composed of many many planets, and we assume that bacteria are the most common form of life, then species we define as intelligent would most likely be like us, given the laws of physics and the strong probability factors for planet-based micro-organsims ruling the galaxies.

I will give you this though... Life probably(definitely) exists in ways we can not imagine. But we can't comprehend their existence, so the are not in our spacial dimension. So everything is relative.

But racoons are awesome!!
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