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Message Subject 10$ 4 a loaf of bread & a gallon of milk
Poster Handle Billxam
Post Content
I bake my own bread, and use powdered milk, which is far cheaper than the regular kind. How much milk do we really need to drink?
 Quoting: INK3

I use canned milk in mine, easy to keep around, mix in a bit of water, anyway, here's a recipe for way less than a dollar a loaf, probably only about 30 cents or so.

[link to breadbaking.about.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28702611

Might want to think about a solar oven as well or.....

"Honey have you seen the electric bill this month? It's up by $40!"

Think about this, my pet theory. It's going to cost the same no matter what you do. They have you by the short hairs and they will not let go.

Bake your own bread? Check the electric bill.

Solar? End cost is same as grid power.

Hybrid? End cost with payments same as non-hybrid. Don't forget the eventual battery replacement costs.

We are royally screwed and we did it to ourselves.
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