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Message Subject 10$ 4 a loaf of bread & a gallon of milk
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Milk is unhealthy. Stop drinking it.

Milk is an Unhealthy Drink: Shockingly Untold Truths

Western populations consume over gallons of milk as a primary source for calcium, vitamin D and other essential minerals vital for building healthy bones and thus might be expected to decrease the risk of hip fracture and/or osteoporosis, and yet the more milk and dairy products they consume the higher the occurrence of obesity, osteoporosis, cancer, acne, heart disease, constipation, diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome among them. We all have grown to believe that consuming dairy foods can increase our body absorption of both calcium and vitamin D that many of us are unaware that milk is the most polluted and unhealthy drink that left us many negative health effects.

Milk and other dairy foods are widely consumed today, and thus they’ve occupied the large parts of your diet, but are they really healthy foods for your daily consumption? Many of us have grown to consume milk and milk products (such as cheese, yogurt) for calcium and essential minerals vital for building healthy bones that we’ve not given second thought to the negative effects of milk. Even the milk producers exaggeratedly advocate the health benefits of drinking milk, in terms of its calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients which I think is part of a dairy industry myth.

[link to healthmad.com]
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