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Message Subject 10$ 4 a loaf of bread & a gallon of milk
Poster Handle examiner
Post Content
iv been broke for the past 4 months now, i mean i never had much to start with but its geting worse and in my life iv never ever gone over drawn at the bank so much than i am now,and all im doing is paying bills and buying food for my kids.i buy the cheapest food and im still struggling,i just decided im gona have to start keeping the heating off and started going bed when kids go to save on electricity.im using candles at night,why should i have to live like this in 2012?,why do we have to take this crap.wile them at the top havnt a clue.its there fault we in this mess.im poorer now than i was 25 years ago when i was starting out in marrage and family life.i should be better off by now not worse off.my shoping list has been cut and it still costs me double it did last year for halft the amount i used to get.
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