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Message Subject 10$ 4 a loaf of bread & a gallon of milk
Poster Handle Jebus
Post Content
yep, was at the store last night and the whole grain breads are $3.99. $3.99?! are you effin' kidding me?

the same general weekly groceries that were about $150 a year ago are now costing me $200 and even that's starting to creep up towards $210-$220 lately. as a matter of fact, it's prob less groceries than i used to get bc i've been trying to get back down to the $150 mark but it's like an impossible dream.

i usually get a gal of store brand 2% milk for about 2.89 tho
 Quoting: scorpio66

I could have written this post. Pretty sure I didn't though.

And to those of you who say hyperinflation is comming...
do you know the best way to hedge against it? Incure massive amounts of debt, but you better be damn sure you're right.
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