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Message Subject 10$ 4 a loaf of bread & a gallon of milk
Poster Handle Burt Gummer
Post Content

I can't believe GLP'ers are not aware of how bad milk is for you! hiding
 Quoting: Butt Pincher

no shit! I can't believe some of the posts on here from certain folks that consider themselves "conspiracy researchers"...stopped milk long ago...used to drink tons of it as a kid and teen...along with f-in accutane by the time i was 25 I was having major sinus issues...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1271534

People will ignore this @ their own risk because it's not what they choose to know about.. Brainwashing is 100% effective in the case of promoting poison aka "Milk"
 Quoting: Butt Pincher

Ignored.. just like I said..wtf
 Quoting: Butt Pincher

Probably because it is not really related to the thread topic.

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