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Message Subject 10$ 4 a loaf of bread & a gallon of milk
Poster Handle sTTsTTT
Post Content
This sounds about right compared to Northern Virginia, too. Was at Shoppers Food Warehouse today. A sliced loaf, 16-oz, of "bakery fresh" Sourdough bread was $4.99 (that's $5.00 in my book). A gallon of "house brand" whole milk was $4.49 (that's $4.50 in my book, too). Add 2.5% food tax and that is close to $10.00

Now Hubby & I do not consume dairy or grain products. He has Celiac Disease & a casein/lactose intolerance. That doesn't mean our food costs are lower, especially if he wants "gluten-free" goodies. A 6-pak of gluten-free breakfast treat bars, Gluteno brand, is $6.99. A 14-oz loaf of tapioca bread is $7.99...etc., etc., etc.

Who has time to cook & bake? You TAKE the time away from doing something else. Whether it's crashing on the couch after work, sleeping-in on weekends, shuttling children to enrichment programs, or what have you.

Oh, I point the Fickle Finger of Fate directly at our Congressmen & Senators. They are bought & paid for by major corporations & associations. They're the ones who ultimately control these US purse stings. They're the ones who are responsible for spending every last red cent in the coffers and wracking up the astronomical debts...doing everything their corporate masters demand for their patronage.

Goodness me, I sound like my GrandMother. God rest her Soul.
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