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Message Subject 10$ 4 a loaf of bread & a gallon of milk
Poster Handle CowgirlK
Post Content
Texas ... DFW

Bread: $1 - $2
Milk: #2 - $3
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24316686

Just got home from Southlake Kroger with my receipt in hand...

Horizon 2% milk - 6.69
2 strip steaks - 15.97
6 pack Paulaner Beer - 9.39
Chicken legs - 5.90
ONE bell pepper - 1.56
Dozen Brown Eggs - 2.49
Heinz Ketchup - 2.95
Coffee Creamer - 2.99
Hamburger - 10.63

And the list goes on and on to total 202.88 But don't worry, I saved 12.03 by using my Kroger card..LOL

I'm part of the dying breed that actually cooks meals and we don't out to eat very often. That's the price I pay for being one heck of a good cook. My family like my food better than what they serve in most restaurants.

Since I spend a lot of time and money in grocery stores, I would say on average groceries have gone up about 35% in the past year.

It always amuses me to see people in the store who have decided to try and save money by cooking at home. They gasp at the prices of meat, coffee and milk.

Actually, if you stay out of the frozen food isle and the prepared meals, you can still feed a family way cheaper by cooking than eating at fast food places or doing take out.

I guess the high schools need to bring back home economics class so people can learn how to cook and sew. In this new world of unemployment and inflation those appear to be very valuable skills.
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