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Message Subject <<<<GLP Please Read>>>>
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I agree with the advice about seeing a doctor! They may not have all the answers, but it might be best to explore every medical possibility first, before assuming you're having some sort of metaphysical experience.

That said, I can say from experience that I have experienced what you are referring to with the flashing light. It only happens maybe once or twice a year, but I get into a state between wakefulness and sleep, and I'm actually able to be "present" during the time my subconscious is beginning to awaken. Some call this lucid dreaming. It's usually right before this time that I experience flashing light.

When the light hits me (it comes in waves) it usually brings me closer and closer to normal sleep unconsciousness with each light wave. But I can remember these from experience and they are VERY strong.

Also speaking of light, I've noticed while trying to fall asleep, I am able to "see" sound, even if it's just my mind(???)

I'd be trying to sleep and I'd be in that half wake/half sleep state. The heat would "crack" or the floor would settle and "crack" or some other small sound would occur in my room. At that exact time as the sound, a light would flash in my mind.

i don't know what any of this means, if anything. But good luck to you. I hope you don't have any sort of medical problems. Please get it checked out first and foremost!
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