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Message Subject <<<<GLP Please Read>>>>
Poster Handle Artaius
Post Content
It´s rather a mental death.
Letting die, what isn´t needed anymore.
Letting go of the old.
You Kundalini has risen to your third eye Ajna.
The warm feeling is the ether, the spirit, the waters of life, watever you want to call it, that you begin to feel.
Reconnection to source, you feel the warm flow of water, you feel cozy like you´re in your mothers womb again.
Your soul is in the universal womb at that state.
There´s nothing to be afraid of.
Flickering of lights with closed eyes is in fact you opening your eyes and starting to see,like on a hot bright summer day, when the sun is so bright, you can´t look into it, you have to blink into it, until your eyes can finally take so much light.

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I looked it up, but why do I have the feeling of death?
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