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Message Subject <<<<GLP Please Read>>>>
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I sometimes when I am laying in bed ready to fall asleep the feeling as if there is something on fire, as if I feel the warm air that rise from a fire.
I also sometimes have massive auditory hallucinations when I am between sleeping and awake. Like voices, music, weird sounds. Not long ago I had a very violent one, I was just falling away and suddenly I heard a massively loud bellish cracking sound coming right out of the centre of my head, it was so loud I startled and was 100% awake.
I went on looking on the net the next day and turns out to be exploding head syndrome. Sounds extreme but its just that the switch between awake and asleep doesn't happen seamless in your brain so you start to hallucinate stuff.
I haven't been the most kosher person considering drugs, especially psychedelics so for me this is fun, I enjoy it but I could understand how someone who is not familiar with hallucinations and stuff like that could be frightened.

Maybe it would be good to see a different doctor, see what he thinks. If there is nothing wrong with you then why should you be afraid? It could be just your brain messing with you, everything you see, feel, smell, hear, remember, imagine, is all just an interpretation of your brain. The shapes you see, the textures you feel, its just your brain putting order into stuff and just like the rest of your body parts your brain can make mistakes of do something not completely right. Maybe your brian just doesn't make the seamless shift from awake world to dream world.

The shortness of breath I don't know though, sound more like some sort of anxiety, maybe because you are uncomfortable with the sensations you get before you fall asleep.

Go see another doctor or maybe a psychologist.

And by the way this is just my advice, I am not qualified or anything.
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