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Message Subject <<<<GLP Please Read>>>>
Poster Handle Optimus
Post Content
Your having anxiety and panic attacks possibly.
I've had allot of experience with these things as well as studied it in my spare time since i was 15. At least the medical industry. going to the Dr. is fine to get bloodwork done etc, but most mainstream Doctors are friggin morons and don't know shit about health.

Bloodwork is sometimes bullshit as well because mainstream medicine is in the dark ages. You would prob need a full saliva/urine/stool test done to see other levels.

Anyway.... I'm brainstorming and think you are having Panic / Anxiety.

Its obviously possible that something else is going on, but i doubt you are dying and there is always a way to deal with something. Y

I'm 29, i went through this severely for a year. I also have an auto-immune disease but thats besides the point

- body heating up
- anxious
- trouble sleeping
- trouble breathing.

This sounds to me like panic attacks and your body is experiencing a tremendous amount of adrenalin fast.

You aren't dying, trust me. I've had what felt like a heart attack waking up and for a while i was convinced it was.

Respond i'll try to help you out. I used a method to get through mine.

- are you drinking lots of Caffeine ??
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