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Message Subject <<<<GLP Please Read>>>>
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Schedule another doc appt asap (perhaps with a different doc) to rule out Lyme disease and other possible bacterial or viral infections.

Went to two different docs both said no idea

You need to go to a GOOD doctor!

Just FYI.. and this bursts allot of people's bubble's about doctors as they are looked at as gods.

Doctors are usually uneducated morons who know nothing about nutritino or healing. They are puppets of the Pharmaceutical industry. They learn Biology without learning "Healing" and jump straight to pharmacology.
NOT ALL Of them are this ignorant though.

So be careful what you listen to concerning Doctors opinions.

But a "Good" Doctor would most likely be a very educated Holistic mixed with mainstream. In which they have the regular training of a Dr. PLUS Holistic Natural training.
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