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Poster Handle ANHEDONIC
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OP, thanks for sharing this!

I'd say no worries whatsoever. What you're going through are symptoms of "awakening" and/or "frequency shifts" - both very real, concrete and understandable things, often misunderstood for being new age bollocks.

Experiences like this are now happening to many with no previous experiences of anything alike. Soon, more and more people are going to be having them, and for many, the experience can be quite scary - not because of what's happening, but simply because they don't have any prior knowledge of what the "symptoms" are about. It can get pretty weird, and if you're alone (without anyone who can support you coping with it), it can really get on you.

Those having these experiences now (or having had them before) are part of the first wave of those going through the changes, learning at the same time what they are about, thus being able to inform and help others later on. That "later" will be quite soon, though.

Again, no worries - you're going to be fine, it's just your experience of this illusion called "reality" upgrading. =)

You're not alone! <3
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