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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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As everyone said, can be many things, and always is good take care with health.

But i have to tell you a important thing,
The meditative state provided by ayahuasca is exactly the middle stage between of vigil state and deep sleep.

People with practice in meditation techniques, can use your own endo-dmt to achieve that state.
I have absolute sure, seeing the tibetan art as tangkas and yantras, it is very similar to the some ayahuasca visions,
and they dont have plants with dmt in tibet.

I understood what do you say, my first experience with hoasca was 6 years ago, and one of the things rememberedand after,
was that state which you describing, and i was amazed for know that always been there, but i could not enter.

Now i do very sporadically, is not fun as people think, to some people can be painful the process to put the mind in order.
And i do in shamanic style becouse im not so disciplined to learn deep meditation tecniques,
but to who is this is a great path to follow.
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