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Message Subject <<<<GLP Please Read>>>>
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Do you crack your neck? Or have you fallen lately?
 Quoting: Prudenville watcher

No I did make a big move to up state NY
 Quoting: <<TIMEWATCHER>>

I forget where I looked this one up, maybe Dream Dictionary? Anyway, somewhere I found a reference suggesting that flashes of light in the eyes as you are drifting off....they have to do with anxiety...maybe the light is from the impulses of thoughts when your brain is having trouble shutting down?

Big move - congrats. But yes, I would check in with a doc and see if they have any worthwhile suggestions for you. Sleep disturbance is no joke and it CAN impact your dreams and your ability to get to REM, and thus, your health. If you don't have a doc, see if the local hospital has a referral service and I would call back a few times too, just to be certain someone is really listening to your overall needs. Choosing a new doc is never easy. Good luck!
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