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Are you taking any medications? There are some medicines that make you "forget" to breathe. I thought I was a little nuts, because I never thought about this being possible, but I noticed it only started when I started taking a particular medication. I told the doctor, and he changed the medicine. End of forgetting to breathe. I still thought it might have been just me, since I'd never heard of this. Then one day at lunch, a co-worker said she'd been taking a medicine that made her forget to breathe! My loud "Yes!" sort of startled her and I explained my experience, that I'd never heard of that from anyone else, and I had been worried because I didn't know what would happen if I went to sleep and forgot to breathe. She said, "You wake up!"

I know this isn't the same thing you're describing, my point is just that medications can do weird things to you.
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Dont take drugs, there are herbs that will do it better. There are 100's of them! There all good .....Drugs noooooooooooooo. They kill! The herb "mullein" is good for the lungs, breathing, combine this with chamomile, make a tea out of it. This should work for you. Take it every night. They may take a while to kick in. Herbs are that way.
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