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Message Subject <<<<GLP Please Read>>>>
Poster Handle Wubbo Ockels
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Like many in this thread already stated:

your kundalini is awakening ;)

"During the most intense phase of my awakening, I was dazzled with a spectacular light show every time I closed my eyes. Even with my eyes opened, brilliant flashes of white or colored light appeared in my peripheral vision. These "external" lights were particularly vivid when I was in a darkened room. I went through another phase in which I saw a beautiful, shimmering rainbow whenever I shut my eyes. In Energies of Transformation, Bonnie Greenwell notes Aurobindo's theory that "the appearance of fire [and] lights (either in masses or in symbolic forms)... are commonly seen by most people who follow spiritual practices, and he believed they indicated the movement or action of inner forces." Most of the people I know who are undergoing Kundalini awakenings have mentioned seeing dazzling lights, internal and external. On occasion I see brief, sparkling lights dancing in front of me. Sometimes a vibrant blue pinpoint of light streaks past me -- perhaps what Swami Muktananda referred to as "the blue pearl."

Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield speaks of the visions of light experienced by advanced meditation students (in whom Kundalini has likely risen). Many, he says, "will see very powerful white lights as if looking into the headlight of an oncoming train or as if the whole sky were illumined by a brilliant sun." While different traditions and teachers ascribe various meanings to the appearance of different colored lights, Kornfield notes that most of them "agree that seeing colors is usually the effect of a deep and pure opening of consciousness."

[link to www.elcollie.com]


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