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Message Subject World record snowfall! Next 4 days! On Mt. Shasta!
Poster Handle Thor's Hamster
Post Content
It's vital, essential that the mountains of the western U.S. gets lots of snow; more important than lots of rain. Rain evaporates and is gone. Snow slowly melts with the onset of spring and summer, providing a ready, steady source of water for agriculture, urban development, and the replenishment of the western rivers (and Midwestern ones, too, like the Missouri and Arkansas Rivers which are fed by Rocky Mountains snowpack).

The farmers in California's San Joaquin Valley will be very pleased with the snowfall on Mount Shasta. I wonder how much snow the Sierras got/will get from these storm systems. That's where most of the water for the San Joaquin Valley farmers comes from via the multitude of northeast to southwest-flowing rivers that come down from the Sierras. Rivers like the Stanislaus, Tuolomne, San Joaquin, Sacramento, Kern, Kings, Tulare, Merced, and others are the conduit for water transfer from Sierra snowpack to San Joaquin Valley floor, and for the California aqueduct which takes water down to southern California.
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