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Message Subject World record snowfall! Next 4 days! On Mt. Shasta!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I live in Washington st. which is home to the world record snowfall for a year,1140" (95 feet),and for a month,304"(25.3 feet).Both records set at Mt. Baker, a 11,000 ft volcano here in Washington.
 Quoting: objective viewer

I've only seen pictures of Mount Baker. I'd like to come up and check it out...in the summer. :) You guys still have a lot of rugged, remote, beautiful mountainous areas up there. Great part of the country.

I'd like to hike around Mount St. Helen's, too. And the Goat Rocks Wilderness, where a lot of "Bigfoot" sightings have been reported, including stories of said creature in the native American lore of the area. There's a famous "sighting" on Star Mountain. And there's a cave there somewhere called "Ape Cave". Strange name for a cave in an area where apes don't exist.... Or do they?

One of the greatest views I've seen in my life was out in the waters around the San Juan Islands orca watching, and looking back (east) toward the Washington State mainland, and seeing, a snow-capped Mount Ranier (I think; maybe Adams) rising up over 14,000 feet on a crystal clear day. Unbelievable!
 Quoting: Thor's Hamster

Go to Burley(sp)Mt. Lookout just outside of Randle, WA on a clear day you can see Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt. Rainier and Mt. Hood in Oregon!!! My favorite place to visit!!!
 Quoting: DaiSeeDay

If you`re ever back in the area i recommend checking out the Columbia river gorge.It`s where the Columbia river splits Oregon and Washington along the Cascade range.Both sides have rugged terrain and is completely forested with huge waterfalls (Multnomeh falls,530 feet high)and several falls you have to hike back into,but it`s very worth it.
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