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Message Subject BOYCOTT Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" movies NOW!!!
Poster Handle NaturesLight
Post Content
What is wrong with being gay?
 Quoting: NaturesLight

Besides being part of the same low-life category that includes pedophiles, necrophiliacs, zoophiles and all mentally disturbed infra-sexual perverts who can think anything BUT natural sex???
 Quoting: UndercoverAlien

I enjoy your posts but undercoveralien, I still don't understand.

How can you categorize gay sex in the same category?

While, I don't know statistics, I'm sure there are straight pedophiles. As, we see many cases of older men wanting to get with very young females and there even these strange ads for underage porn which I assume are adult actors, I hope.

I'm pretty sure there are straight zoophiles, I watched a documentary on YouTube and there were straight people.

There is plenty of perversion with straight porn.

I don't understand how gay-sex is low frequency.Sex is sex (between two adults). Human beings have different intelligence than the animal kingdom. I have even read some animals in the animal kingdom have gay sex.Seriously. [link to en.wikipedia.org]

You can be perverted whether homosexual or heterosexual.
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