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Message Subject How to get GLP membership REFUNDS
Poster Handle TSWB21
Post Content
I dont know about refunds , but im surprised the internet world hasnt seen McDonald type lawsuits for mental issues.

If you can win a million over spilling coffee on yourself because it was to hot . Then im sure mental health could also be an issue.

Many people get bullied into depression , even kill themselves from harm inflicted because of websites.

Im sure ill see the day it comes before i die.
 Quoting: TSWB21

If anyone needs therapy after clicking on my WTF video threads it is not my fault. They leave my responsibility (and possibly their sanity) at the door. That being said... I'll probably get sued first.
 Quoting: Leslie Zevo

well civil action is the only form of justice , that makes private industry conform to social standards.

Take for instance the girl that killed herself because she was being bullied on websites that refuse to supervise the actions of their users. The website is liable for giving them the outlet aka " gun ". Wrongful death lawsuits normally win.

If something bad happens in an amusement park , because somebody created a dangerous issue, then park employees failed to correct it ,and the issue caused harm to a person. The park is the one that gets sued . Not the other customer that created the issue and walked away.
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