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Message Subject Did Jesus ever say he was a God? Anywhere? In any book? No.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You're missing the big idea. Let's erase Jesus and God and use another diety.

Zeus's half human son is a direct son of god. Unless you're a son of a god you're not like him; tough shit OP.

Respond or get the fuck out of here OP. You're not even setting a cohesive argument that we're all spiritual beings. Which is true. You waste time by comparing humans to demigods like Jesus.
 Quoting: Anonymous 1342725

I answered your question earlier. I am the Son of God! And so are you and every other human on this planet. We are just as capable of becoming as an advanced being as Jesus was if we follow his example. We can become another Jesus in time.

Again, he was just a man. A wise man, but a man.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22577422

Okay. Bye. You can't claim Jesus exists yet say you're like him unless you've got shit seriously twisted.
Tell me how walking on water and curing disease through touch go for you.
 Quoting: Anonymous 1342725

See, you don't even really know whether he even did these things. Maybe some superstitious, crazy monk just made this shit up! Who knows. You certainly don't.
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