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Message Subject What's Really Going on in Syria Right now... *VIDEO* WARNING GRAPHIC! UPDATE *LIVE FEED*
Poster Handle MHz
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I see both sides on this...daily...who is the hero here? No one. There is no good guy in this fight.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12840822

Maybe that can be changed a little bit and stay within the rules. War starts with 2 loans and running on compound interest and before WWI the winner took the treasures and any bank loan was voided. The Banks changed that so the loser paid for the whole cost of the war for both sides and all bank loans the loser had were paid in full (before anything else).
The Nations now just have to take a vote in the UN like they did today to abolish the Rothschild Banksters and replace it with the Christian bank where all loans are interest free (might I suggest the Nuns run the banking side and their new husbands can go about mending all the fences they have fucked up as far back as, well a very long time indeed.

Iran is said to have enough gold to last 15 years (I assume that is in war-time conditions) Syria better get some loans arranged with Russian on a lend lease basis if need be and real-time hd sat video which Russia has. Move in an S-300 system south of Turkey, When NATO fires to down a decoy Syrian Mig they launch but that projectile is intercepted before it reaches it's target. A bullet intercepting a bullet that is attempting to intercept another bullet.
Libya gave up and they will become another Bahrain, not exactly progress for the citizens.

The seem to be getting quite large that tracking them should be possible, back tracking actually via eyes in the sky should be able to give a location. Worse comes to worse surrender to Russia or China.
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