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Message Subject What's Really Going on in Syria Right now... *VIDEO* WARNING GRAPHIC! UPDATE *LIVE FEED*
Poster Handle MHz
Post Content
How's that religion of peace working out for you muzzies over there?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15292827

Everybody is well aware that us Christians spell it 'pieces' and we have for 100's of years. OMG, was that still a secret??

Does Syria even have the capability to quell a growing military threat, that is much better than a truce as this is a battle with foreign forces so votes are the last thing they want so that has to be settled first. Start out with the gov handing out free video phones and cranking up the airwaves so it is all broadcast and collected into a common data base that can be searched for crimes and charges as time permits. Give the ones in the remote villages something to do that would be as popular as hockey night in Canada. And then pay the citizens more than their time is worth because the charges that do get laid will be open and shit and a true who is who can published as the trials are held and broadcast to the public, just like OJ and just as popular.
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