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Message Subject What's Really Going on in Syria Right now... *VIDEO* WARNING GRAPHIC! UPDATE *LIVE FEED*
Poster Handle wake up
Post Content
What do you expect the average citizen to do? Stop paying taxes? And go to jail? Yeah, that will help stop funding syrian war. Very helpful.

Or maybe vote? Guess what,we did. Nothing changed. Even if we had a new leader. Nothing will change. Look at history. Look at how long/what it took to get the gov't hands out of other countries.

What about protesting? We had this little "occupy" thing going on. Didn't do much good.

Perhaps we should board planes over there? Stand in front of their embassies? Who's going to pay the mortgage here, run the show?

Would they do this for us? NO. Also, we don't ask them to. Because regardless of whether or not they funded our killings/sent people over here to blow things up (they probably do) etc etc, we would NOT ask for help or cry "come rescue us." We would FREAKING FIX IT OURSELVES.


What EXACTLY do you pompous, self-righteous, morons want the average American to DO. Break it down for us, really. You know, we're all slow and dumb from all that fast food and
American Idol. So what say you lay it all out in plain English bit-by-bit about what each citizens exact role should be in "stopping" what is going on.

We are all ears.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28105140

"FIX IT OURSELVES",.. The problem is we are not fixing anything right here. The same evil cunts who are using your tax dollars to blow the heads off children in the ME are shoving their fingers up your anuses at the airports. (again, your dime). The truth is we have the power to change all of this if we stand together. Fuktard sheep vote. Stop participating in their zombie way of life. Plant a garden, buy guns and ammo, have courage, and be ready when the time comes.
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