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Message Subject Obama summit to sell a US-based Trans-Pacific Partnership excluding China. - No one came!!!
Poster Handle SaveUSa
Post Content
Good. The US should be isolated, quarantined, and dismembered for the good of the planet.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28739640

Good. The US should be isolated, quarantined, and dismembered for the good of the planet.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28739640

Maybe I'm reading too far into your post, but...

It's fucking assholes like you that make me question first amendment rights. You idiots continually spout off about how demonic the US is, yet you continue to leach off its benefits that my family ensured with their service, and some with their blood. Now you've been given such a voice as of late, you actually think you're intelligent and cool for demonizing the very people that (for now) ensure your right to continue spewing what you folks typically do without thought or acknowledgement of reality. If it weren't for those patriots doing their duty, you my friend would most likely end up on the wrong end of a boot in due time.

Unfortunately, these days it appears that boot is edging ever closer, and I can only say that we can't wait until you and yours reap what you have sown. We will be fine. You will not.

Might I suggest that you move to N Korea. I hear that the winters are marvelous.
 Quoting: SaveUSa

Thank you for this post people have lost their minds. My dad is one of those people you wrote of, he was wounded during Vietnam twice then came home to work as a truck driver then a security guard at Nuclear One here in Arkansas. He passed away a few years ago after a long and brutal sickness. He suffered more than any person I have ever known and never once did he complain or whine or show anything other than strength, kindness, and grace. Men like him are seemingly lost to this generation. I am just thankful my son got to see and spend time with him and will carry those values into his adulthood and not become the neutered type of man that spends his time spewing venom anonymously over the web while doing nothing to uplift and build up the very country and it's citizen's that have made his lifestyle possible.
 Quoting: LJTG

Agreed and well said.

Thanks for adding.
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