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Message Subject US building UNDERGROUND base in ISRAEL...called SITE 911
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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from thread damnedI think I should post this.
I saw the earth opening up. It was hollow underneath as if men had dug out underneath. Like a city dug out under a ccity. All hollow. And I saw an act of nature. I am not sure what. I think an earthquake. And it was massive like the world has never seen before, like a giant sink hole. And I stress the word Giant. Opening up and engulfing all. Everything falling in being swallowed up.
then I saw water. waves and waves coming in and covering everything. All gone under water. But the water didnt recede. It remained. And all was gone forever under the water. Then Iopened my eyes

I call them visions because I am not asleep .I am either about to fall asleep or about to wake up. And I see it like in a movie. Only in strange shades

I think it is Daniels prophecy.
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