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Message Subject US building UNDERGROUND base in ISRAEL...called SITE 911
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The most important question is WHEN is this supposed to be finished being built? THEY seem to know some timeline, man-made and/or cosmically driven, so that could give us somewhat of a heads-up of the schedule of events. A story in the Independent linked on another thread here is saying more than two years, but can that be believed?

Also, this could be a total fakeout to make the flunkies working for them, the ones who have some idea what the game is, that they will be protected, while the insiders could be about to bring the hammer down any minute. There has to be a suggestion of at least one but more likely many false realitis to cover the real plans so that people outside the inner circle can be used without details leaking out. All that verbiage about mezuzah supports what I'm saying because the ones at the top don't care squat about mezuzah, we're talking lower-level worker bees if we're talking mezuzah, not the real "chosen" ones.

And beyond this being more nose thumbing at us, the fact that it's being reported in multiple MSM outlets means it's a message, that could have any number of meanings, to certain parties of the self-chosen part. Yeah, [nu]clear.
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