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Message Subject US to be taken over by Muslims - sharia law is in YOUR future!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

- the mass needs to educated about Islam, and sharia law

- once the mass awakens, mass solutions will then follow, such as voting for a president with strong anti-Islam stances

- Ulimtately Islam, should be banned, like the Germans banned Nazism.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28525317

Islamism needs to be banned. There is a HUGE difference between Islam and Islamism.

The words Muslim and Islamist DO NOT mean the same thing. A Muslim is an adherent of Islam. An Islamist is someone who uses Islam for political or social gain.

The so-called "violent passages" in the Qu'ran were written during a very violent time when Muhammad and his followers were at war with the Idoltarers of Mecca and were only applicable then.

Even so, the idoltarers had attacked the Muslims first.
I read the first six chapters of the Qu'ran and have researched the other 140 chapters and realized that violence is only a last resort for Muslims.

P.S. Websites such as Jihad Watch and Stop Islamization Of America have been classified as hate groups by the Anti-Defamation League AND the Southern Poverty Law Center.

P.S.S. Check your sources and get your facts straight before jumping to conclusions!!!!!

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