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Message Subject The earth is NOT 6000 years old.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Earth is around 6000 years old, this is the amount of time satan was allowed to prove his case to the lord. there are 2 chapters in the earths History, Old world befor the flood, and the new world wich in today. We are in the very end of days and last chapter. You all have to make a choice... life or death. The old world had These Creatures and many more. Cain and Able... EVE eating the fruit... let me explain... First you must understand that Lucifer took the knowledge of Heaven and universe with him when he came to earth. Now Listen Cain was Lucifers Blood line, Able was Yahweh Blood line. When Eve ate the apple it was a metaphor for her being seduced from Lucifer. Lucifer knew god would give us "Gentiles" ability to his Kingdom one day and Knew that he would send his son Yeshua to die for our sins. Lucifers goal was to Currupt our DNA to stop this.... but of a course Yahweh is the Alpha and the Omega and could not be stopped. See when He speaks of the tree of life he knew sin = hell = death of soul. Life = Eternal life granted from Yeshua. We must have a change of heart and Follow Yeshua. Do not get angry at any of your brothers and sisters. Ever notice how 2 brothers may be related but sometimes look nothing alike and one is good and one is bad... This is Lucifers blood line. Notice how we where born into sin... our bloodline has been currupted with Lucifer. But The rules of this world Illuminati/mason... ect They true head of the leaders and some people you may see on TV are in FACT Direct blood line from CAIN=lucifer. This is why Obama was also cloned from Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh imo. because i feel they lose the pureness of this evil blood line sumwhere between now and when Egyptians where destroyed.. And basicly had to bring it back now since we have the ability... notice how Ancient Egyptian mummys are the only ones ever to preserve a DNA for Cloning... We cannot even do this to this day.. look up lenion in Russia. A mummy we tried to recreate that went all to heck. Yeshua could come any day we must REPENT. Be on the look out for the FAKE alien envasion. For they will have Bad alien vs a "good" alien and make it seem like they saved us all and this is called the "great illusion to come". Do not be fooled they are all evil. Some mason and illuminati at the top of the pyramid bloodline is so pure it can harbor a Demon, This is called Perfect Possession. Them video's of people in high places with snake eye's... yes that is real Lucifer = great serpent ... This is Perfect Possession. for more info watch this
[link to www.youtube.com]

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