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Message Subject The earth is NOT 6000 years old.
Poster Handle MHz
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I'm going with the old earth creation thing. Use 4,000 BC as the end of day 7 and for each day you go back you add 1 zero to the thousand column.
4,000BC end of day 7
40,000BC end of day 6
400,000BC end of day 5
4,000,000BC end of day 4
40,000,000BC end of day 3
400,000,000BC end of day 2
4,000,000,000BC end of day 1

Creation took these steps
end of day 1 earth existed so it has a day/night cycle if you could stand on it's surface, which you couldn't.

end of day 2 water was in liquid and vapor form
end of day 3 trees existed
end of day 4 time was created in that the earth had the same orbit around the sun and around itself as we have today. The sun and moon were given names, in day 1 they began to give off light.
end of day 5 the water had all collected on earth that we have today.
end of day 6, Eve is born at the very end and Adam was born at the beginning an in that day he got to name everything in the earth.
end of day 7 was the exit from the garden at the very start of day 8.

Quick summary.
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